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5 Common Myths About Solar Power Busted

5 Common Myths About Solar Power Busted

Before deciding to instal solar PV panels in your home or company, be sure you have all of the facts, not just what the salesperson tells you. We’ve listed five common myths about solar power to assist you to receive an honest and direct perspective.

The utilisation of solar panels is growing all the time. One of the primary reasons for its growing popularity is a growing awareness of sustainability, respect for the environment, and energy cost reduction.

These panels are also less expensive than they were 10 years ago, making them more widely available. As a result, we are seeing more training for solar power installation in Sydney, NSW, and around Australia than ever before.

Despite the numerous advantages, many people are still hesitant to switch to solar panels. This is owing to certain prevalent misconceptions and myths regarding solar energy.

5 Common Solar Power Myths Dispelled

We’re here to dispel some of these common misconceptions and assist people to understand the benefits and realities of solar energy.


One of the most popular misconceptions is that solar panels require extensive upkeep. That is not correct. The level of maintenance required will vary depending on where your solar panels are put. Solar panels will require more regular maintenance and care in areas that encounter more extreme weather conditions, such as greater winds, heavy rain, or even snow.

Any obstruction of the light source or debris trapped in the panel mechanisms will necessitate routine cleaning. Panels put in optimal climates and with expert thought, on the other hand, will require very little maintenance to deliver exceptional performance.

To get the most out of your panels, we recommend cleaning them at least twice a year. Dirty solar panels are measured to be 50% efficient. This is why it’s critical to keep yours clean and well-maintained. For the finest results, leave this to the professionals.

Heat, Heat, Heat

Another prevalent myth regarding solar panels is that they work by capturing the sun’s heat rather than its energy. Many people believe that in order to get the most out of their solar panels, they must reside in warmer climes. This is not true.

The panels use solar energy rather than the heat or heat generated by the sun to store energy for later use. This means that even in foggy climates or seasons, sunlight will be captured and turned into useable energy by your panels throughout the day.

What occurs during the night?

Just because solar panels create power from sunlight does not mean that when the sun goes down, they stop producing power. Throughout the day, solar panels generate extra energy.

Your panels will create more energy in one day than your property will use in the same day. As a result, when you use panels, you are continually developing a sustainable energy reserve.

Roof deterioration

Many residents are concerned that adding solar panels may be irreversible, causing permanent harm to their roofs. This is not true. Professionals will always inspect your ceiling before installation.

This permits us to verify that he can correctly facilitate the panels and that we can instal them as efficiently as possible. There should be no damage or deterioration if your panels are placed appropriately by a team of qualified technicians.

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